Hello Folks.  I 100% missed blogging.  A place to showcase my words along side many photos of work I've created.  I've come up with this idea that once a few orders are finished there will be a new way of creating.  You involved in the process of making your bag.  Here I will show the process of your bag.  Details of the buttons chosen + bits of the progress it takes to make it.  this way you will be able to see the birth of bag and the details of where the bits came from. 

Lets take those buttons.  Irish.  Just arrived from Ireland.  Hopefully my next post will be one button with the materials I have chosen.  It will be about where they are from + how they will be used.  Most of my Bits and Bobs have been with me for some time though, so I will see how this evolves...

 Yellow vintage fabric, soft as butter, from a local yard sale of a seamstress.

An old Poppy print from a very old quilt that is slowly being repurposed by me.  Until later my friends.  Visit the satchel shop here 

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