First Night and First Day

Quiet day. Nice day. great time to share with you. We have a very busy week. Things are changing for may.tree.ark so you may have tidbits here and there from me but for the most part, not quite yet.

but for now....

Please welcome Mrs GG.
Garment Gander {GG} ..... ..... ..... ... Giving you a Glimpse of my Garments

Slang. a look: take a gander at her new shoes.
ander at her new shoes.

Notice I gave you the definition of Gander above? That's because I thought it was cool to begin with but after seeing the dictionary's example; I thought HA ! it is perfect gander - shoes!

however the shoes are not new. They are an old score of Stegmann Wild'n Wooly that cost $4.00 brand new. The only issue with them was a split down the back of the heel. I took one look at it and said HA that is not an issue. I love tears, stains and missing parts. But for this I would not be able to bask in the ramshackle of a cast off because the material is an 8mm or 3mm felt wool = seamless and virtually indestructible. Hence the hefty yardage price tag. All I needed to do was grab the correct color thread to stitch it up. DONE. can't even see it. Even if it was noticeable it'd look way cool.

January 1st 2011
Lasts night Bonfire.

The detonation site was a wee bit close to the crowd. Rather grand seeing the firework amber fall into the sea.
Walking through the wreckage of the firework detonation site this afternoon to see the Lobster Dip. Silly me but I thought they'd have it combed before the 1,000 people stepped through it. Silly girl to think such things...

Below is the annual Lobster dip...
today was 50 degrees for them cold fund raising fools .


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