What every artist should know about muses

Muses come to us when we least expect.
When we call them,
When they desire to fill your space with glints of magick.
When she want to lend you heaps of the Universe's glow

Let me introduce to you may.tree.ark's
The beginning
My husband painted.  You can go  here  to see.  He also drew for sometime.  He began to draw these birds quite often, then all the time.  To me they were the entire embodiment of freedom.  For him to sit and get washed away from the day and into one of his bird paintings stunned me.  Each one I'd see made my imagination run to the tops of the tallest tree to daydream upon its branches.  One Christmas I made him plush birds in honor.   After we came home from our gallery showing of plush dolls.  I made a cyclops and a very large happy furry polar bear.  It donned on me to make him his creations in plush.  Since that year we have had it hanging in our home.  It brings both of us and our new daughter so much joy. 
There is the original Migrating Muse bird hanging behind Clover

Why & Uses
Just recently magick hit me.  A force field of other worldly guidance drove bliss straight through me.  I looked over and there was the bird hanging in the kitchen.  I remember moving it there a couple days before to add a background photo prop.  Instant musings went on.  It became clear fast these need to be made.  For all of you.  To hang in your home, studio, office, childs room or car.  Hang it outside in your garden.    The idea behind them is magick. 

How they are made
With Magick.  With love and understanding of the human condition.  With all the peace and deep breaths of sanctuary where a warm slight whisper of breeze surrounds your every step.   That and bits of high quality wool felt, pure polyester fiber (and local wool roving) embroider thread, vintage yarns, cotton kitchen feedsack and new fabric

Each one is made to give or get as a gift for you or someone.  She comes in a special box just for her with hang tags and wrapped.

Predicts the future
Muses will be made in all sorts of ways and fabrics.  Solid white ones, lace and accents, headbands, feathers and old rustic canvases.  Mobiles will come, large ones with many birds hanging in flocks.  I have high hopes for these little ones and all our futures together.  Stick around as of Nov 18 there will be a giveway on Facebook and Instagram.  On Thursday the 20th my Etsy shop will have the first 10 available for sale.  Each one comes with my husbands sketch of a bird.  

Etsy shop for may.tree.ark is maytreeark.etsy.com 
Instagram is maytreeark
and Facebook is  
Whether you're sipping tea
On bended knee
Suspended in prose or pose
Amidst a paintbrush stroke
 Surrounded by an ancient oak Enchanted by sights abound
She'll be there hanging around
Even at midnight cloak of bliss
She'll delight you and all you wish

 This is the giveaway bird.



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