Giveaway and I'll take credit for that...

This is going to sound self proclaimed, centered and ish but I believe it to be true and want it to be... Rachael Ashley coined shabby chic and Howard Stern King of all Media to represent themselves right?

Years ago I wanted to describe my nature of piecework to a group of people I had met. Upon studying my style, at this time in my late teens, it came to me. My materials, whatever they may have been were acquired from church bizarres, Grammies stash, yard sales and trades. Those pieces would be hand washed and hung to dry. I deliberately avoided the washer, dryer and Kenmore handed down to me.

The process had to be organic, by hand. I would hand stitch bags, clothing, housewares and everything in between right down to our wedding attire. Although we were very clean cultured people with sophisticated roots I wanted people to think the items that made our folksy house a home were created at the end of a dirt road which I walked barefoot towing a red flyer of finds to a shack barely standing to stitch by daylight.

so I called everything I did Rural Rustic.

Today this is how part of me wants to be remembered.

I am feeling very calm with this realization which makes me so happy. While typing this post it donned on me to make you happy by giving something I called the Rural Rustic Scarf away. I don't have very many readers, just some great folks that go to my store then here to learn a little something about me so please pass along the word. (very shy grin)

I can't think of what to do. You could tell me your favorite movie, color or quote but I'd like to hear your thoughts on my handbags so maybe you could head over to the shop click on something and tell me what you think by coming back here to leave a comment on this post. I am a super fair person. My husband doesn't read this blog so I will go to him and tell him to pick a number 1 through however many comments there are. Hopefully more than 7 although those are good odds for you guys.

Ok go...See you back here January 12th with a winner. Be sure to give me a way to get in touch with you so I can tell you you've won..

p.s. I have evolved in my process since, each handbag is professional to the point it looks like it came off the line. My fabrics are still retrieved from salvaged places when I see the need other wise I'm safe to say that only the finest materials are used. While in California one of my sources was Michael Levine, you know where Project Runway and the likes shop. I was so girly every time I went trying to spy out stars...


  1. I visited your shop. CUTE! I'm batting my eyelashes at the Hipshack in Vintage Rural Rustic. Adorable!!

    Would love to win the scarf.

    ~ sunny

  2. Very nice shop! I saw you on Sweet Sweet Life (blog) and was not only enchanted by your bags, but also your shoes. In fact, so much, I even blogged about it here. I especially love your Hipshacks, too. I'm all about little with straps. :)
    Love the rural scarf!

  3. I have fallen in love with your blog. I love everything you make. Your bags are gorgeous!

  4. I also saw you on Sweet Sweet Life and was completely enchanted with the photos of your lovely bags. I love the perspective as I am such a shoe and sock person myself. So I just love your photos to death! Yay for comfy shoe cuteness - I'm a big fan of Birkenstock, Earth, Docs, Keen and Ugg shoes and boots. I've never even owned a pair of heels and don't ever care to.

    Love the scarves. Love that you reuse and repurpose, I'm very much into that as well. It'd be awesome to win a scarf!

    There's a link to my Etsy shop and my email on my Blogger profile, I can be reached thru both.

    Thanks so much and happy new year!

  5. Your art is simple, cozy, and beautiful and yet functional:)
    I subscribe to your blog and etsy store via google reader and enjoy the updates everytime! It's like a daily cup of warm chai.

    Simply said, "I heart your art."

    Mahalo nui

  6. Your art is simple, cozy, beautiful, and yet functional:)

    I'm subscribed to your lovely blog and etsy shop on google reader! Checking out your new creations is like a warm cup of chai in the morning.

    My hipshack is my go to item!

    Simply said, "i heart may.tree.ark"

    Mahalo nui,

  7. Looking at your shop and your blog is peaceful and exciting at the same time :) and I have been eyeing both from a distance for a while. Most recently I have fallen in love with the Humble Hobo (and I am leaving it on my Etsy favorites even though it sold /insert a small sigh! here/), but there is always something in your shop that makes me go back (soon).

    Best wishes for a year filled with smiles, beautiful moments and an abundance of creative energy.

  8. I love your stuff, i don't know how to explain it but I do. I came upon your shop while browsing Etsy for bags and out of all the shops i looked at yours were the only ones I kept coming back to.Your style is very unique and I am happy to be the owner of some of your work.

    Thank you for doing what you do :)


  9. I absolutely ADORE your shop :) I've been looking at the bags for a long time, and I hope to get one for the yoga mat I just purchased very soon :) I love your blog updates too!! The scarf is gorgeous, and with all the snow we've been having in the midwest (MO), this AZ gal needs plenty of items to keep me warm during the winter :)

    Tame :)


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