While preparing for baby I've been thinking.  Thinking of ways to streamline information on the Hipshack, the company (concept) and me.  I know these are things that should be done already.  They have been worked on but I've never felt its in one place, easy to understand or apparent.  These are things to come.  I do hope it can be worked out.  I'd like a page here to examine the size comparisons for you.  For example I wouldn't want someone to buy a size small Hipshack and realize that once they receive it it will not fit items like sunscreen tube, sanitizer, lip gloss and a cellphone.  You would need to purchase a size large.  And do I make an extra large to accommodate ones keys?  My taste has always been small and that large fanny packs aren't looked for.  Who would want a 5 x 10" belt bag?  Perhaps a lot of folks.  I pride on the fact it isn't just a fanny pack, in fact it is a purse that can be worn both ways.  So if it is bigger great.  I've made them into clutch purses and backpacks. So that is one thing I'd like to do get a comparison page up here.  Like the very last photo that shows a large and small together. 

On to fun things: The attached photos are a little insight to fabrics I've been working on.  They are weaves.  An utterly my style.  Together as a collective they look so wonderful together so I thought I'd share. As Spring and Summer approach faster I'm thrilled to work with some brighter items.  But I've got to work fasssssssssst.

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