Olden ways. New adventures.

Good Day Folks,
Thanks for stopping in.  The other day I came across this 1930s cotton sack that was a laundry service bag.   There were two addresses located on it for Mrs. Mack but once I put it through the wash one disappeared.   Clearly she had it for a long time with bits of mending throughout.  It was tempting to keep it as is and use it but such was not the case.  In these times I am trying to get through my collection of items.  There has been a lot of accumulation over the past several years.  Which created a drastic realization.  When I began sewing it was for fun.  I'd make clothing for myself, a pair of curtains and quilts.  Embroidery would be a wind down activity as I wasn't much of a reader.   What I've noticed over time was since I started to sew for a living it wasn't a hobby anymore.  I stopped making curtains for the house and opting for the "lets just tack a vintage sheet to the window"  I'd keep the holes in my elbows because if I were to put in the effort it should be for the shop.  Then Camp Wilder arose.  Antiquing wasn't for the home anymore, it was for the shop.  A neat sweater, stool or blanket couldn't be kept because that's not how the game works.  Then there is my taste.  The esthetic brought to the cutting table is so spaced out.  My taste is very very wide.  There is no chance I could choose.  And I have to if I am to become successful.  There is the army military side of my craft that I love so much.  The dingy, rustic worn in appeal that you can take into the woods with out a care is amazing to me.  I love ramshackle.  Yet I love the soft feel of flowers, the subtle wink a pink tone gives you.  The ability to sweep into a room with patchwork brings me to my knees.  SO what happened over the years is I've became divided.  I would collect both.  Making the decision on which project to start overwhelming on which to work it.  So much so I had too many choices and could not choose so I didn't.  Some days I would resort to a safety hipshack.  One I could "stock".

The cool thing about knowing all this and the reality was clarified by pregnancy.   I do not want my child to have the same issue with books, toys, food or after school activities.  I have to clean out the studio, stop Camp Wilder, go on a sabbatical and really assess what this is all about and where it is going.  When I picked up the book Simplicity Parenting by  Kim John Payne it was said right away.  Over stimulation.  There can't be too much around.  The clutter in which you provide yourself will hinder your creative side.  He didn't put it like that but that is the point.  Too much is too much.

The amount of straps I have for bags related to military is a lot.  The scraps for patchwork is a lot.  But I want to be pregnant, enjoy this time.  So what do I do.  What is to be packed up?  What is to be made?  Over the next month I am taking it easy.  I am seeing what is there.  What comes to me.  What really wants to be.  Where my passion really lies.  Then I will know.  I will trust my instincts.

Below is the laundry bag with the finished tote bag that you can find here on Etsy maytreeark.etsy.com or click the link here

 Here is the book that is going to be a gold mine for me I can see it now.  The above image is something that I came across that needs to be kept out in the open.  As I prepare for motherhood, breastfeeding is one thing that will be incorporated into my life.  It never occurred to me that in the USA we still have segregation and prejudices to deal with.  I will lend my life to this cause soon and be part of a society that is full of love, nurturing and blessed yet exiled, looked down up on and "grossed out" by.  It dawned on when I was 19 working with a women who just had her baby.  We were at a work event for Christmas.  I went to the bathroom and there she was breastfeeding.  Now why couldn't she use another room or scoot the alcove, or edge of the room.  Will I be forced to feed in the bathroom.  No.  I won't be.

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