est. yesterday

Many blankets for to be added over time.  I am trying to get them all up though as quickly as possible
 Established yesterday.  The new studio.  It was moved a week ago.  Not much was done in terms of design or organization because my mind tells me that the 3 days it took to move it was enough time off work.  Starting last night I began to put things up on the walls that have been in boxes for a long time.  Furthermore there are novels of paper cut outs that have not been revealed in a dogs age as well.  It is all coming out.  I am going to try with as much minimalist taste as possible to tack it all up.  I pray it doesn't get overwhelming or look like Janis Joplins garage wall.  (well that may not be so bad)  It does appeal to me when I see collages of past artists.
This is it, the new digs.  More photos will come once I hook up my new printer, postal scale and hang the curtains.

Currently it is four walls, two closets and a center cutting block.  One wall is completely empty for photographs.  Creating a little clutter in some corners, but so far that is working out for me.
I feel comforted somehow.  Its not as barren as my last.  Its a bit like home.

my little muse and her lucky juju companions.  It is time she had some clothing made for her!

The movie corner.  Currently watching Wuthering Heights with Ralph Fiennes & Juliette Binoche*

The machine.  Its the best.  I've had a few people ask my what machine I have to sew through such layers and I tell them just a little one.  She is a true magician that one. 

My new industrial machine is in full swing.  I forgot to take its photo but this is where the rivets and grommets are kept for it.

close up of the blankets and the baskets that are so easy to move around with me when I need that certain component.

The patches I am getting to by Christmas.  No doubt.  I have had plans for that 1924 varsity lettering for some time now!
Thats all for now folks.  Thanks for tuning in.
Many blessings to you and yours.
Happy Halloween
 in love and light
Catherine for handmade Rucksacks, belt bags and totes for an assortments of Vintage finds and treasures. 

*The start to this movie was wonderful.  You enter an abandoned house which has some romance to it as described by the narrator.  During 2005 I worked with a boy who took photos inside abandoned homes.  It was wonderful work.  I don't see him doing it very much anymore - which is a shame because he may have been a great pioneer to the current trend in the subject.

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