Gwyneth Paltrow as Sylvia Plath

We, or those of us including myself already know that most of my knowledge after schooling comes from the movies.  Most may think this is a lame way to receive a continued education course.  For those of the many that is a rather naive way of looking at things.  Movies are based on fact spun into an artistic story in order to relay a theme, purpose or life.  It is what the viewer does with the scenes saw that makes them into a better person.  The examples i could give are numerous.  If I told a tale of each one seen and what was brought about from it I'd be on the computer typing three times a day for 2 hours at a time.  This would elate me if it paid the bills.  I can not do something here and there it has to be all or something.  Today just seems to be our lucky day.  I sit here viewing this movie at a shop I am watching while they are away selling at Brimfield.   There is nothing else for me to do but speak to you about how movies create a better me.  Better said.  i am passing my time wisely with you.

here is small example how people / movies get into my being to bring forth remembrance and an education.  In Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  During an episode they mention quite often Emily Dickinson.  Just a mere mention was not inspiring.  If perhaps they drew on it a bit further to enhance my knowledge I would want to seek her, her work and the meaning it could bring to my life.  Still to this day there is no knowledge of her, how she wrote, what her life was about and so forth.  But!  writing this mere passage will get me to google her for a quick reference because my curiosity has been sparked.   if in that episode someone played her or had that one look in their eye then I'd be owning her work by now but they didn't pull it off.  Were they suppose to.  No.  That was not the point of the episode.  If it were Joss Whedon would have succeeded.  Will he get me excited about Shakespeare with his up and coming Much ado about nothing?  We shall see.

That is what Gwyneth Paltrow did for Sylvia

She encouraged me to finally purchase a copy of The Bell Jar.  I have seen it my entire life.  There was not one encouraging move to make me act on reading it.  Not a pretty picture, a teacher forcing a book report or an elective summer read.  Nothing until I see for my own eyes what a life is.  How a life is lived.  For me it has to be visual.  You must be tangible in some light in order for me to really see you.

When will the book be read?  I do not know.  The poem books collected will be skimmed here and there inheriting small attic spaces in my mind.  For now I am working through the life of Anais Nin.  There are only so many rooms for which I can accommodate nerd me, corporate me and me me.  p.s.  end of day update:  i read a quick synopses on her life and treatment and if left me saddened and weak)  I am not sure I can bring myself to read too much of her as I am prone to things the rise me up and enhance my wellbeing not make me question our illnesses and doctoral practices.  !!!

And will I see the movie The Bell Jar.  Only if it comes across my desk.  My movies are random.  I do not seek them out.  Unless of course I'm in some sort of crush of the month and must see every movie he or she is in.

To see more of the movies visually not with all this chatter click here.  It will bring you to the motion picture category on this blog.  This is about 1/100th of them.

{{{These written words are not reflective of my art.  That is from the other side of my brain.  I have spoke of it before.  I can see you.   The people: future, past and present customer folks are always working inside my head}}}

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