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It has been two and a half days since I had my appointment at a Maine Estate.  My heart and head have not been the same since the encounter.  When headed to it I did not know what there was for sale nor what it would do to inspire my future.  The imagination in which my movie mind has taken me is that of a place in which must be built around me.  To create a reality in which my soul can sing in ways this angelic women must have in her days past.  

Walking up the long drive to her home there was a black folding chair, small in stature great in presence.   Nestled against its leg was a brown weaved basket full of cream white and satin sun beaten by New England's first heat wave.  Immediately I took my place on the chair and begun sorting through the basket.  Goosebumps surged through my arms.  I shook as if a light breeze had blown a ghost through the thick humid air.  Was it she who had sat in that chair many times before placing one stocking on at a time?  She is not gone from this world.  She is attached to her belongings.  So her bestest of friends had explained in her story.  She was a fashionista as was her mother.  The collections that were surrounding me that day were like words spinning from the pages of a great book.  The linens, clothing and hardwood futures sung like blades of grass bursting to the surface begging to me experienced with polished tales of friends and family.

My experience revived a glory in me which gave way to the women I am becoming.

There are sad parts to this tale, like that of a lost friend.  The appointment was so long that the noon sun had set down at a 91 degree punishment with soldiers of the newly appointed marching towards me.  My usher pushed me onward and outward without my black chair.   Dazed with stick and sweat I drifted along on new clouds to places unknown.  I continue on with my way.

The instant a moment was mine to keep I opened my copy of Anais Nin.  As she is the only person this far that can take me to the places of long ago denned, like that of my newly met Maiden of Maine.

Below are some of the items from her home.  I am on a waiting list to get into her closet.  This will be my very first real acquisition of such beauty.  I am on the edge of my seat.  They all can't be like this in the future.  This one has to be special, for reason I do not ask.

The sleeping bonnet and shoes were hers.  They will be up at Camp Wilder shortly.  The Hipshack is made with Crystal prisms from the after glow of the visit.
Shoes size 8B
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Maine Boat cover - swoon

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