Humble Beginnings II

This is another of may.tree.ark's beginnings.   It has not helped in terms of current inspiration.  I am just not the same designer as I was back then.  It is being done because I'm celebrating the time I started out really offering the hipshack to the public. 
These are a few that were photographed.  I never thought to photograph them before until one day I saw someone with a nice camera.

Below is hipshack taking form into a smaller version.  What I called the Be Serious Series.  Be still Be you Be Free.  Obviously a play on words.  Please don't be serious all the time.   

I was looking to have them be cross body as well as hip.  It took a bit to get the design to evolve as I wasn't trying it just happened.  That is one thing about how I work.  I am self taught.  There are no maps, teachers or ways to learn the craft.  Just me and my movies, website and this horribly executed blog.   I'd like to change that.  I'd love to hire models, hire a blog designer, a logoists (brander) and many other things but have no idea how.  I use Etsy where all I do it plug price and photo in..  I won't even know where to begin.  That can be frustrating.  Feels sort of pigeon ed holed.
If you know a graphic designer or blog designer or the sort please write me at
thank you

leaving the fields of Massachusetts

arriving to the concrete of LA worth the great fabric stores.  This is Lincoln.  A place were I found very rare fabrics.

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