May Tree Folklore

The month of May is dedicated to the Hawthorn Tree.  This tree is better known as the May Tree.  You can see rituals in every corner of life throughout your life, such as the maypole, marriages, flowers and the color red.

The Maypole ribbon dance is a symbol of male and female union

During the full moon and past the blossom of the Hawthorn Tree (white flowers) is the best time to recall your love.  Get friendly with a new friend and wish for a soul mate.  It is also the time to fix a broken relationship. 

When looking for a Hawthorn tree (it has white flowers with red pistols and thorns*) you may see other tiny trees sitting underneath it, saplings.  Those are Ash & Oak.  Together they create a place for fairies.

People tend to move cattle around during May.  If your moving cattle from one field to another you will have very good luck.

People eat young Hawthorn leaves for detoxing properties. 

Lighting red and pink candles during this time is best for opening the heart chakra and bring love with a mate into balance.

In ancient days brides
carried maybloom in their bouquets to encourage fertility. 

* the life of a Hawthorn is symbolic to the three stages of womanhood.  Virginity, Maiden & Crone.

I will do my best this time to get into the woods to search for a maytree and bless in the mornings and under the night of full moon.  It has been my intention to do it with each tree and month.  It is nice to see how everyday people practice pagan (witch) rituals including getting married in May and they don't even realize it.

Blessed be

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