Many styles of Belt bag

There is a hipshack up in the shop now that is black and aquamarine.  It was inspired by an outfit brigitte bardot wears in ...and god created women

Do Rag. 
See Do-Rag bum bag here

 Traditional bandana fabric waist pouch on Etsy
 Floral Belt Bag on Etsy. 

 These have been my days lately.  Chilly and brisk.  I've had to crack the windows and turn up the stove with some yummy soup
The Hipshack is so cool to.  A bit of everything mixed in the making.  traditional indigo demin and leather with some down to earth Guatemalan fabric inside.

See that Hipshack here...

This is Rex's face when I told him that his mom is going to be able to take him back after all.  I got so hooked on you buddy.  Will miss you dearly.
These are high waisted jeans from Free People.

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