John Lennon you are here

Howdy Folks,

The days with Rex have been interesting.  He sure shows some impressive manipulating of that love affair gene within both of us, especially me.   He truly makes me smile.  Mostly because he stays by my side all the time.  He sits in the living room during work hours atop the sofa peering out the large bay window.  Every so often he trots down the hall to give me a "hey".  When work is done he is on my heels, stares into my eyes and loves to be chased.  

We scored a vintage lawn ROCKING chair.  I'm in love.  You can see it here in the photos, up there above.  The tag fell off and conveniently found its way to Mr. Ground Sniffer's chin.  $2.99 what a score, right!  Why can't everything be that price. 

Lastly this is my idea of a wardrobe in the loungey days of Spring.  When the day is dedicated to you not hunting for your treasures or cutting straight lines. 

Wardrobe is:  Can I rename (War)drobe (Wore)drobe?

DWS booties on sale: Crown Vintage.  The box and name sound TJ Maxx to me but nope they are stand up boots.  Love them
Bag is The Simple SoBo by may.tree.ark 
Laters baby
Pants are O'Neil from Pac Sun
Shirt is Yoko Ono's Worn Free T-shirt a John Lennon remake of his t-shirt. See shirt and story here
bracelet's and butterfly hair accesoory are vintage (as well as the cowgirl hat in the photo)

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