Humble Beginnings

May.tree.ark and The Hipshack will be celebrating 9 years of bringing back the fanny pack during the month of June.  Although it never went anywhere.  I like to think that it was the start of its evolution (the catalyst)

Throughout the month I will be heading back to the past showcasing some rather colorful beginnings.  Looking back it appears a search is happening.  A wholeness search.  Bring this company of mine to a reality.  A complete marketable brand.

Most important outcome of this month will be branding.  When this all began I hired a graphic designer to assist me.  You can see the buisness card in this post.  It is a likeness of me.  Later you will see a new designer brand with a new likeness of me.  It never felt right.  It never stuck.  This month I am focused on what all this means, how to tell the world in one look what this brand is.

I will need a brander!

First off may.tree.ark was Hazelgoods.  I called it HG.  Some folks were rather disappointed
in me when I told them I would change it.  Some days I am too.

Second this is one of the first photoshoots of a hipshack.  


Thank you for tagging along memory lane with me.  I am so happy you are here.


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