Bohemian Belt Bag

Here's the latest Hipshack.  A cure to satisfy any hippie gypsy boho love, which is the current trend.  Fine by me I can make lots with this South American print.  Got tons because I love it.  More will be made in Army, Denim and solid colors today, May 9th all the way through to Monday the 13th then I will slow down again with a day or two off and back at it again! 

{The trouble with that is I get inspired to make things.  Like patchwork.  Looking through my sold items to find a specific design and I'm all like "oh I wanna make that"  (like looking in the mirror and being all turned on - so to speak)  That sometimes is the trouble with not sticking to a one theme'd design my mind and hands wishes to create.  So I may have to indulge.   Then there are the million of clothes that I have to sell, that are vintage, from my own closet and hem the sweet duds I've collected.  I've got to do this.  The vitamin regimen I am on is helping this train take off.  I'm swirling.  They sort of feel like a drug, a good drug that is changing me for the best.  Energy levels are higher.}

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