Alligator Belt Bag

The latest Hipshack is made from two repurposed fabrics.  US Military Olive Drab and Ralph Lauren Cotton Alligators.  You can find it hereThe color of the alligators are Olive Drab, blending it very nicely.

Today i am going to take the time to talk a little about the Hipshack.  We've already heard about the history of the hipshack.  Why it came to be, how it got its name and when I began offering them to the public.

1. I carried everything in my back pocket.
2. Concord, Ma and my grandfathers hip replacement, my love of shacks
3. LA Boutique owner

(I am also guilty of carrying a fanny pack, yes i was popular, each day I'd stitch a new patch on it.  It was covered quite well by 1993.)

Today lets talk a bit about its function and its method.  It is a utilitarian design.  It consists of basic nature.  It is useful.  Making it a utility based on human want.  Better stated we have phones that we take everywhere with us, regrettably.  We have cash and some walk a dog or jog and need to have bags or sweat bands. It is best to have these things with us and at easy access.  If we are into that sort of thing.  Some of us love to carry and dig through our mary poppins.  Heck I do.  When I was traveling I found it a lot easier to meander through the streets and eat an ice cream cone with a small pouch strapped to my waist or weightlessly slung over my chest. 
The Hipshack is ergonomic.  An ergonomic design should prompt anyone into a hmmm that means it is special and build different than standard box like bags.  Here is the definition of ergonomic: Design factors, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort.  Thank you Dick.  Very well put Mr. Dictionary. 

They are built so you don't carry everything with you.  Just a few things, like three perhaps.  You are not buying a purse.  These are small, perfect and keep you lightweight.  Look at it this way.  This is a purse.  Lets compare it to a hipshack

This purse is • 5.50" High x 7" Wide x 3.50" Depth. a square design
The hipshack below is  • 3.25" High x 6.50" Wide x 1" Depth an ergonomic design

The math is; the purse is square creating room for a lot more stuff and I mean a lot.  For the size of this small guy you can carry all your small needs plus a water bottle.  A standard recyclable water bottle, not a washable one that is the size of a two liter.   If you buy this purse and tell me that you could not fit your laptop than I can not assist you in life, please seek help.  The measurements of this purse are that of a photograph, well many piled 3.50 inches off the ground.  Get it, a 5x7!!!!

There are photos below to show you what a hipshack looks like.  They have two pockets.  The first design of the hipshack didn't have a front pocket.  That is only there for the snap.  So the snap doesn't scratch your iphone.  But is it useful?  For sure! Its an added bonus for receipts and whatnots.  There is now two loops on the bottom in case you want to carry a pen with you.  It is not old fashioned to write your phone number on a guys hand. Some of them, remember to read the sizes and listen to whether I tell you in the listing if it can hold a moleskine.  So now a moleskine and a pen, plus your cellphone and credit card!  Bingo.  You are ready for pecan pie taste testing at the Santa Monica Sunday Farmers market!  Remember not all come with pen slips, grommets and can be any size.  I am one person making them one at a time. 

Under a jacket.

two snaps if you decide to over fill it by a little bit!

pen and sunglasses tabs

Shown with American Passport, babylips, Canon powershot digital camera and cc, inside cc fits in further.  Oh and a lock knife fits on the exterior for late night bus rides)

Here we show the interior pocket without flap to show you how it is not that tight, but tight enough like a wallet. 7 cards can fit inside or 3 cards and a wade of cashola.  Shown with American Passport, babylips, iphone4 and cc.

sunglasses tab shown with pen slip at work

sunglasses tab and side grommet for headphones.
This concludes the tour of the Hipshack.  It is not a purse, it is not meant to carry everything.

The Hipshack a Belt Bag
to carry small things not all things

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