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day two
Movie time.
Oh.  Just as I wrote that I was reminded of Ebert.  I was a reader & watcher.  I disagreed and agreed with some of his opinions towards movies.  Mostly I had to account for his gender, age and personal likes.  Such with any viewer who is deemed to review any film.  It takes a real biased person to achieve an accurate overview of a film.  Not just their personal tastes.  I do believe I could achieve this if given a chance.  For now let me keep it personal.  You will be missed by many Mr. Ebert.  Rest Well.
day one

I am a fan of Jason Patric.  This dates back to six grade when Lost Boys first came into my life.  He was great, although my real attraction was towards Kiefer Sutherland.  That crush was a first after C. Thomas Howell.  Jason Patric grew after years and being an adult.  His crooked smile, handsome eyes and the way a t-shirt sits on him is award winning.  A man must look good in a t-shirt!  A must must!  He is the reason behind me picking up the latest VHS.  Yes I pick them all up, as they cost pennies, but when his name flashed across the top I just popped it in the basket.  Well!,  it turned out to be a fantastic movie for me.  In more ways than just its fast paced, keep you interested storyline but artistically as well.  Yes I did have to press stop and work in silence because it was one you have to watch.  I mostly listen.

You see I am not a studier of art, fiber or the industry of fashion.  Although over the past couple months, mostly through instagram I am seeing some rather familiar poses, bags and styles.  I poked around a bit and was impressed by the talent out there but also equally unimpressed at the flooded market.  It appears the same style is done a lot.  I didn't let it deter me.  I am still extremely unique in my invention.  Which prides me.  Yah yah pride will kill you.  If you knew me the sentence is bloated because I remain humble knowing I am a nobody.  I just let the information in and went along my way.  One thing I did recall while watching this movie was this statement by an modern seamstress that they could make dozens of items in a weekend.

When I read that I thought to myself how nice it would be to make 36 bags in 2 days and make $6,300.  Those bags would be mindless and easy.  Pattern cut, bang, fold, stitch and snip.  People that do this... What they do have in a mindless practice is their own thoughts are available to them.  Conversations can be had and thoughts of elsewhere.  A life.  A personal life.  Hobbies and days off.  A network of consumers and business kinfolk that they must relate and deal with.  It was all very fascinating to me.  For a short while I thought if I could streamline.  Have a simpler design... have this that or do it another way... But like I said I moved on.  

Only today several weeks later did my thoughts and actions surface with "you did the right thing"  & "you are doing the right thing" I am doing my thing.  My art.  Which is a collective ability to spin something affecting out of thin air.

I am an artist.  One bag takes me at least 4 days.  The thought, process, workmanship and soul placed in each one is manifested purely on instinct and a good eye.  When each is being created a work of art is in progress.  When completed to me a masterpiece has been done.  Yes I have thrown out a few bags that I feel were not worthy of your arm.  Others sit half done because I can not feel a presence being born.

When I pulled out the latest fabric to mash together and this movie I thought as always.  "Make a few Hipshacks over the next several days or close off my mind and create?"  I am glad I closed off my mind because the two together have taught me a valuable lesson.  I am a unique artist with work like no other worthy enough to have my name placed on each piece. 

p.s.  plus it helped a whole lot that he was shirtless with paint drips on his sweaty chest!  Yup that helped a whole lot. 
day three (today w/ a blog break)

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