Cascade Falls, Saco to Old Orchard Beach, MAINE USA

We headed out to Cascade Falls, Saco Maine today.  I left my camera behind so my husband snapped most of the photos.  Therefore I don't have any woodsy ones to show you, aside from the ones he took and shared with me.  I like to keep with the trees.  There was a time when all I did was be with them.  Then a time where all I could do was think of you all and want to snap this and that to show and tell.  When that started happening I stopped breathing the woods.  I stopped hearing the call.  I stopped going all together.  The life it held for me slipped away.  I am taking that back.  That is the only source of excitement I can see to give myself.  I look forward to uncoiling from this past winters love and dive deep into the freedom my arms and legs extend to me.  I will take you along that journey as best as I know how. 

The bags you see in the photos are available for purchase.  They are handmade by me, Catherine of may.tree.ark. or click the shop to the right of this blog.

Remember to stop and smell the tree bark....
love, me xoxo

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