Today = Yesterday

Woke wonderful.  What an interesting night sleep.  We twirled around on marshmallows of softness not knowing where the hell we were.  It will take a bit getting used to.

The morning went like usual.  I ushered him off to work then helped myself to Kashi & Rice Dream and took a photo of the light through the new curtains. 
I want to share with you having the day off yesterday made me feel like my old self again.  A belonging to me.  I didn't cater to one wish but my own.  Today I feel replenished.   Must do once a week. 
As I sat down to tell you all this Manhattan Murder Mystery was sitting patiently for me to press play.  May I tell you that the decor in EVERY Woody Allen movie is amazing and pin pointable.  If you were shown a scene you would know it were a Woody Film.  

Now off to find a large sign or the like to hang over our bed.
Have a happy day with your friends or family.   

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