My day on Maine's day.

Happy Birthday Maine

Some women are full of goodness that you wish to admire them.  Others are dully duds.  When the duds come around deflect their ray with your humble way.
Cleaning out the closet today for some Spring Cleaning that is coming up.  For now i was sprucing up for our new bed.  This is another hat section on top of the dresser. 
I used vintage screen tacks here for some small items that I am going to wear again or am too lazy to put away. 

I placed a rack real high up in the closet for my hats.  They were taking up to much prime real estate.
Our new bed has arrived.  I am three sheets to the wind happy about it.

Sleep on me!
This is the next layer over the sheet.  I call it hide a hippie.

Ta da.  The new bed.

Dinner for one.  Leftovers for two for a week.

Todays Tempeh Sub - I'm getting pretty perfect at it now.  Call me Martha I'll teach your audience. :)
So who has been with me for 10 years?  Or since 2002- 2004?  I can not remember when this blog opened.  I've done some things here and there that are great but never stick.  For example my recipes.  I am a concoction'er.  Take what you have & use it.  That is how this recipe came about.  The Tempeh Sub.  It is always different.  For the OG and others click here.

This one came about after a day to myself.  I have not had one of these in a thousand years.  It involved a ton of house work and not a lot of play.  BUT my goal was to not work.  I did not want to touch the studio other than to clean it.  Once I am done with this I will make curtains for the bathroom while "watching" Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery.  Other than that I am not touching my email.  I want to soooo bad but I can't.  I have to remember me. 

So.  This Tempeh Sub is jammed with good stuff so drink a lot of water and have a full day planned for the next week cuz its full of energy.    I have also got much better at it.  It doesn't have cheese in the mixture and it is more crumbly.  Not slop (the OG example photo is not looking so good).  Add garlic, mushrooms and peppers.  I also have the potatoes in the mixture so it is dryer.  Then add only 2 eggs at the very end and cook till done.

vague Tempeh Sub for the Common Folk

many bowls do dishes while one thing is frying

fry onion, pepper, mushroom - garlic take out set aside in bowl
stream broccoli - separately set aside in bowl
steam spinach  - separate from broc. set aside in bowl
boil potato - drain - smash - let stand and cool set aside in bowl
mix wet egg set aside in bowl
crumble and fry tempeh 
add tomato mix around for a minute - add then onion veggie mixture that was set aside in bowl
then mashed up broc that was set aside in bowl mix around for a minute
then spinach that was set aside in bowl mix around for a minute
then potato that was set aside in bowl mix around for a minute
fry around a bit - low fry
then add wet egg that was set aside in bowl.  Let it sit and low fry for 5 minutes.  mix then 5 mix then 5 until you think it is done and crumble. 

Toast your bread or not in toaster oven with cheese.  The mixture is forming it will smooth together quite nice on your bun.
maybe I should do a video?

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