Wearing an Old Wooden Chair

These are a few of the iphone instagram shots that I have been listing lately.  And me sharing the layers upon layers I am wearing today. 
The under garments are another v neck jcrew t-shirt, white. 

A thrifted Royal Robbins long sleeve.  It has the largest coolest hood ever.  You can see it sticking out of the sweater.  Its rather neat. 
Free people thigh highs and forever 21 leggings. 
The striped sweater is horny toad.  The tag is rad.  It says dirty is the new clean.  wear more, wash less, wear it out or pass it on.  I totally dig that. 

Thank goodness not everyone is into new fresh duds all the time.  I could wear the same t shirt and jeans for years on end.  In fact I do.  Hence the patchey patches all around my wears.    You should see the back of these.  My dentist and her helper had quite the conversation on how straight my stitchery was while I was in for a cleaning.  I giggled and thought to myself that my crotch was up for discussion and how fat my thighs have got that "the gap" is fading hence wearing out the denim.  sigh.  I wanted to be hoisted up by their flattery.  I am humble and made no qualms.  Why I am here now qualm'ing away is beyond me, yet again...  Hoopla. 

Having said all that mumbo jumbo.  Hi again.  It's me in the threads I just mumbo'ed on about.  I have had my mitts in just about everything lately.  From household to newborns to fabrics to birthdays and now snowstorms.  So whats a girl to do on a Friday Night stuck indoors?  I dunno, but we shall see.   I'll share with you first chance I can.  Hope you all have a blast in whatever it is you are up to this weekend.

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