native lessons

Fringe Waist Pouch
The lessons in which I learned last year are naturally coming to me this year.  I have made a mistake here and there but my mind is catching on quickly reverting me back to those mantras and mottoes.

Such as distractions from outside sources and filling up a basket with too much fruit by the time I get to it it has spoiled.  One thing at a time.  And this is the result.  A great few days of positive productive behavior.   That's it.  I'm going back to not talking.  Why.  I don't have time to type to "who" (me?)  My time is better spent sewing, photographing and such!  Thought you'd like to know that. I will still post but you can see my thoughts clearly through my photography.
Much love.

"I walk with heroes" Fredicans

Vintage handmade bow

Warrior Woman

From where I stand (unfiltered)
I stand strong and untied. (unedited)
I stand strong and untied (edited)
Mary Poppins - endless

Endless (unfiltered)

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