Modern day light "sea"ker

The scarf was a great gift to myself from the Portland Flea for All.  It was $3.00, handmade, It was so inexpensive because it was made up for Sandy victims but returned to the artist because they need money.  She had soooo many that she was practically giving them away!  I knew i was to pop in there.  I just knew it.

I am teaching myself Feng Shui.  I am starting with the prosperity corner.  There is a jade plant there now rather than this lovely one. 

These are some shots taken over the weekend.  They are in bad order, sorry about that.  They include a Hipshack wallet I made to honor my 5 year anniversary over at Etsy. 

We went to Picnic Portland.  When you entered it was fantastic.  There was this street musician welcoming folks with some of the best street music we had ever heard.  My husband and I stayed extra long to enjoy the free show.  I was happy Picnic had included him rather than a loud band in the corner that most always ruins these types of flea market (handmade) vendor'esque shows.  BUT don't get too thankful just yet.  When I walked into the event there was a loud-ass speaker BLARING in my ears.  I could not focus.  I had to rush away and there were these fabulous arm length mittens I so desperately wanted to look at.   The poor folks at the front door.

You see we had that uplifting soul experience by "Tree" we were walking on clouds.  Then when you opened the door to the event it was like getting smashed in the face with a frying pan.  Sorry!  So sorry to say that.  It was a nice balance of the soul going into the event - thennnnn BAM!

So once I got grounded and shopped around we went back to sit with "tree".  I had to find out more about him so I went back inside.  Some how the speaker was turned lower.. When I asked who the guy was performing the girl could not tell me too much only that we showed up and asked if he could perform?  And that his name was Tree from Burlington.    So this guy just showed up.  LUCKY Picnic because each person that came and went from this placed was given a cleansing of some sort.  Each person was smiling and surely the sun shone a lot brighter for them.  I know ours did.  It is a lesson for most if not all events like this to have him on your side.  He spoke to the shoppers, said thank you, welcomed them to Picnic, made perfectly timed jokes about empty hands with no bags.  He truly was an extension of this event.  He appears to be a great man that walks lightly and brightly.

His name is Michael "tree" Sampson we found this great article on him.  Check out my husbands instagram page too. { zdenek55 } he snapped a few amazing photos of him.  As are most of the google searches.
The article is old.  It appears he has grown deeply over the past year.  This show included dancing puppets, artwork that told a story of mankind and our relationship to the trees.

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