Living with James Dean

React in accordance to how people perceive you.  Are you seen as a bad ass, wimp, beautiful, strong, ugly, lazy or amazing?  If you think that is what they think of you that is what you think of yourselves and you are sure to live up to any notion you lend your thought.

This fleeting thought came to me when James Dean was brought back into my life.  I was about 6 years old the first time my heart grew for this man.  Every now and then he is resurrected into my life.  It is never by my own doing.  He is and has always been a gift to me by the men in my life.  First it was my father today it is my husband.  They know he lives in my soul.  I tend to forget this.  This Christmas it was reminded of me.  My husband gifted me a calendar.  My crush was reborn.   

After a great Christmas and night dreaming of the little bastard (him and I were driving a big rig together).  I woke to thinking of a book my father bought for me back in 1984.  I want that book again.  The photos it has in it flipped through my memory.  The thought of popping in his movies is on todays agenda but mostly
I contradict his most famous saying today as it mingles with my own.

"Dream as if you'll live forever.  Live as if you'll die today."

Yes please do but neglect the thought.  Do not let these words burn into your conscience.  Do not think in the way of today or death.  You will surely live the words you heard.  Understand fully the actions in which such mantra have.  He did! and didn't but perhaps he didn't have to...  He may have known something in him that most of us do too.  He speaks a lot of youth, death and living on through people and his memory.  This is the only thing that I wish to get across todayThere are many avenues I could have taken with the subject of James Dean but with all the current events and music about young forever and "we die young"  Which was taken off the air due to Sandy Hook (which it is back on, that lasted long) I just wanted people to know that The Secret really works.  You think it it will happen.  Use it for your own good and purpose.  You will surely be a GIANT among us if you think in the right way.


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