Exploring dreamland

A dream. 

If you are aware of your dreaming, this is where great forms of exploration begin!  No matter the subject or form a dream takes it is that in which it prompts you to explore. 

Over the past two years I have discovered Instagram.  It has been building in its frequency over the past year.  What I see on there are many adventures.  There are a lot of folks exploring their worlds in many different ways.  In their own ways.  Each and everyone is an adventurer.  It may be through their children.  Perhaps its time.  The time they are allotted by employers to walk around the reservoir of Central park.  In their own place.  At home.  The Captain of a ship or the Navy stewardess traveling to Greece.  Its the 16 year olds that are seeking out the latest fashionable nail polish.  The average human seeking out the very best people to be friends with.  There are the yogi's on a quest to explore their inner depths.  There are bikers and hikers.  Its all, everyone and everywhere.  Instagram is a world on its own that is an exploration in of itself.

What I have learned over the past year is that... seldom do we not explore.

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