Antique Heron Fabric

Hello there.

It had been a while since a SoBo was made.  Some could see materials from long ago have made it into recent designs.  That's because I'm letting go.  They should be incorporated.  It may be a while until another SoBo is turned out, they take days.  Some 14 + hours to make (without list/ad time added in there)  Courage is build up in order to dedicate the time with them.  I'm going to focus on the Hipshack for the time being. 

During construction of this one I loved the color palette.  I knew that a Hipshack had to be made in the same fashion.  Enjoy them.  Thank you for reading.  Happy Hanukkah

Camp Wilder has a new Restyled Sweater up too.  Oh there is so many things to place there.

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