{ Starving Artist }

Good Day Folks.

My husband and I have always been mindful eaters.  (well me more than him) but I will have to admit that lately things have been tight so we go for cheap convenience.  Also I just finished up an incredible book.  In this novel the two girls have nothing as far as food to choose from.  They break apart tea bags and steep a leaf at a time.  After 15 months they are drinking hot water.  That inspired me to go back to my roots regarding food appreciation.  What I have noticed from the food choice bad behavior is a rise in bad things, like my first gray hair.  My weight is up a bit.  Slumpy facial structure, like the start of wrinkles and an unhappy thyroid.  Now I know this all comes with age but it prompted thought into action that even if funds are low you must eat small and appropriately.  Stay focused on the nuggets and nibbles.  Its that simple.

On the dish are oats, grains, nuts, chia seeds and dried berries with whole foods peanut butter mindfully and slowly eaten.

with grace,

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