Do you believe in magic?  Do you believe in god or the devil. 

perhaps they are all the same being due to what i am seeing...

Magic happens.
It happens by chance.
It happens by circumstance.
My magic happened by chance.
It beckoned me to dance.
So dance I did.
This feeling I will not rid.
A divinity crossed over my dirt path.
Drawing it wide and bright. 
The world had purpose, it was given sight.
I walked this path... blissfully aware of every morsel.   
Laughing at laughter, laughing to laugh. "this is the life, Cath," I'd hear my thoughts say.
I relished each day
Never a moment did I feel alone on this journey to the end.
This divinity was my friend.
In each dip and bend.
My spirit did rise.
I was his prize.

One day a cloud came over head.
A cloud of massive beauty, one I was not fearful of.
Until it sang a song of the dead.
Then bad thoughts began in my head.
Doubt searched my mind.
The figment kind.
I knew this wasn't real.
Why make such a big deal?
That one spark of uncertainty was let in to question the reality in which I walk.
So I began to squawk.
When I turned around to continue on the presence of this bliss, it was gone.
Gee what a shock.
So was the song.
Where has my King Kong gone?
Life went missing, yes the real thing.
I do not grin.
I don't believe in sin.
I would have taken him as my king.
No connection no thought of peace.
My feet moved forward, my path turned to mud; to clay. 
What a horrid day.
The clouds burned away.
Now I stand on a sun stricken path with ferocious purpose.
Will I continue on this metamorphosis? 
It has turned to stone.
This is where i stand.

\\ Waterbird Tea //

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