It's you and me, the center of the universe

Yesterday should have been the day to begin this post, but it wasn't.  Today i am in no mood to talk and feel so highly about myself, as yesterday.  Why do such moods create oceans within us?  We move swiftly with the grain of motion but is it is the actual grain that trips us up?  Or is it something entirely unseen.  These and other musings have been doing somersaults in my mind.  May has significant meaning to me.  It has only for one year / since last May.  I'd like to talk to you about it a little.  Not to much just a bit. 

In a prior post I said there would be a part II title Tribes.  I'd like this post to be just that.  If you wouldn't mind I'd like to do it starting tonight and get it out to you by Wednesday night.  I hope it sounds good with hopes its stays here and not deleted. 

I may also come in various chapters, as I'm getting a tab wordy.  This Citizen Cathy was originally meant for these types of wordy romantic self imposed, dairy of sort posts but quickly became a sales portal.   If I started to use Camp Wilder on Wordpress perhaps that would be a better sales avenue.

Until next time please notice my new ring...more on it later...

x hugs and kisses o

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