The Wild One...

There isn't going to be any rhythm or reason to this post.  Basically I'm sharing everything.  Partly because I have a feeling of being unleashed.  This may come with buying a home when the season is changing from empty to full bloom, dark to wet, dark to bright.  It is by sheer coincidence that my name was changed in September letting me truly be the may.tree.ark living in the wild.  Which feels nice to have set up camp.  Not that I have suppressed myself, gosh no.  But I guess there is a feeling of lightness and carefree.

These are vintage hair pins.  They came to be randomly and by golly DO THEY WORK!  Nothing works on my hair.  You place something in there and it slips right out.  Not these bad larrys (or Heather Bailey twist ties but these are not like those)

This is me in the last day or so trying to see where everyone went in the last 25 weeks.  It was busy around me.  Folks migrated?  Folks hibernate?  Or are folks "Vibernating"  HA! that's my 2012 made up word.  Got to love it.   Watch my word will be so "fetch" get it?

Start to finish collage on the latest Hipshack! Wild One, eh!

Found my old faithful.  Man, this was one of the original trees I did up.  Seems like that is all I did back in the day: tree stitches and patching up holes.  Speaking of holes.  Socks need darning and cashmere elbows need patch'in

Have a happy day folks

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