Pretty Parts at Camp Headquarters.

My dad building a Chalet in New Hampshire during the early 1970's

Took sometime off to reshoot the current bags I have up for sale at  Because I am not quite ready to get to some new ones.  That's okay because there are some of the best ones I've made, still there.

collection of hats (the sun bugs my eyes)

Cute little card I found.

my husbands first home gift to me.  I am searching for the perfect desk for him.

We got our floor in.  I know its not real.  I am not rich.  It was a bit painful to think of the environmental impact it took to produce it.  We tried to just paint the plywood, but the up keep is difficult.

We found these great matching nightstand lamps for the bedroom.  Love that little cup my husband gifted to me as well.

This is the prettiest thing I have worn in weeks.  It was a short worn life as I had to get back to painting.

Hope all is well with you all this holiday weekend.  Happy Easter.

Camp Wilder and may.tree.ark are having 25% off until April 12th.  Just use the code Easter in the coupon code section during checkout.

Be Well...

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