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 Happy Sunday Folks..

Hope you all had a wonderful St. Patricks Day celebration.  Something we've been up to was sneaker shopping.  We are at the beach more than we are in the kitchen.  It was high time I got something useful.  These are Jambu and I'm thrilled to be able to have them.. They are water ready, rock ready and comfortable.  I am thankful.
Another is of course readying the new digs.  Lots of work ahead of us.  Its funny that my husband gets his spurt of inspiration when the studio starts to take shape.  So he has been adding some of his artwork to Etsy.  He hasn't really used Etsy he was more of a gallery seller but he is thinking this may be a nice way to go.  Lets show him some support shall we?
There is a collage down below there of his recent works.  It takes time to list them so let me know if there is one you wish for that you don't see up.  You can find him at or click here

he is also holding an instagram auction until noon EST USA his username is zdenek55

 Camp Wilder has added a 1935 Camping blanket to the shop.
Available Here.

 and a backpack will be up later today.

Zdenek55 custom toys and wrap around paintings.

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