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Good Day Folks.

This little post is a wordy one.  It is to remind you of who I am and my motto.  It is true that I have many motto's.  This one is pointedly about "the same different as you" 

When it comes to my grassroots business there are many audiences that I wish to target.  Mainly because it would bore me to make one item directed towards one type.  I keep in mind special interest groups, both genders,  all ages, current trends and much more.  Lets focus on current trends.  This is the reasoning behind this post.  I am not trendy.  You may get a small chuckle out of that but it is very true.  My source of materials have manifested themselves to me not hunted and gathered.  When I am in a certain area living that is my local resource.  When living in Massachusetts you saw mostly patchwork and embroidered pieces.  That was because all I had was old scraps, old clothes and such to make do.  There was a Jo Ann fabrics but I do not use Jo Ann Fabrics.  I do not use what most may or would.  When I lived in San Diego and LA I had access to a plethora of stores to choose from.  We saw many forms of many different styles within those years.  I carried back to New England much of that fabric, which is in short supply now.  One is the Belgium linen which cost like 90.00/yard.  I have maybe a square foot.  Will I ever have it again.  Most likely no because since we bought our home we will be within this fabric source for sometime.  That is where the rise of Army came in.  It is local, recycled and extremely great to work with.  For this I am happy because I have not yet bored of it.  I know I have told you this story a dozen times but it needs reminding because of this one photo. 

I do not use Babylips.  So why promote it?  I'm not promoting it I am however using it as a tool to catch the attention of the ones that do, since it is now one of the current crazes.  May I suggest you don't use it because of the laundry list of ingredient on the back.  (that is the suppressed citizen cathy in me :)  It is your choice.  I bought it and am using it as a prop.  Some girls are going to use it and the hipshack is a nice place to keep it.  It shows that it fits inside, rather nicely too.  I could, maybe should use it as a springboard to announce they animal test and have many dyes that are no so good for you but I am not.  I am however letting you the reader of this blog that wishes to know the artist behind these bags a bit better.  I am not hurting anymore or taking advantage of anything.  I am merely gaining the attention of a trend and focus group.

There is more to discuss on this topic which will be out sometime soon.
I don't use Babylips, I don't use equal.  So why use them here?  Because most people do and it shows what fits inside.  I like to keep things inside me simple, clean and as organic as possible.  I tell you this so you know me, the artist, a little bit better and so you know what I am always thinking of you, your needs and how we fit together..  Much love..

I use this....
part II : Tribes

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