We are homeowners

This is the condition that our current place is in now.  Things are a bit dried out, stacked, cornered and placed on "stay or go" lists.  I'm thinking a lot must go, not all but most.  When the San Diego moved happened, we let it all go and I mean ALL.  If you were here for that you may recall us driving out there with just a car and camping gear.

We bought our first house.

We like to move place to place in search of inspiration combined with experience but we've found it.  Its all around us.  Within a few hops, skips and jumps there's something to jog your memory, tickle the fancy even calm your calamity.  You've seen us roam around Walden Pond, The Saco River and the Redwood forest but for the next phase you will see us build our home and play our song.  Hope you enjoy the ride my friends.

Be Well and Nest Wishes

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