Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket

This will be the next installed listing at Camp Wilder, a juniors leather bomber jacket.  I am just trying to get the photos together.  So sometime in Feburary is still the expected time for the clothing.  But a sneak peek had to shared...

Days are quick and difficult when you try to act as general store when in fact you are just one gal.  My hands are beginning to really bother me from making heavy duty bags (daily).  Back to Bookkeeping is looking really nice right about now.  The vintage thing is a really nice break from hand work but I tell you it adds another distressing element.  Age!  Never once have I felt my age.  Suddenly I feel almost 36.  ugh.  I'm not sure if that feeling came on just after finishing up the book, The Hunger Games, which is entirely brutal.  My mind could not wrap around it for a while and I'm a bit disturbed.  I've never taken my freedom for granted and for sure I will reawaken that gratitude publicly somehow soon.   Anyway I was holding off on viewing any of the motion picture previews until last nigh once I finished.  Once I did these photos popped in my head.  And wouldn't it surprise anyone but me but these pictures, humbly, look a bit like the stock photos and character descriptions for The Hunger Games protagonist, Katniss.  Thing is I'm not 16.  And maybe a bit crazy in voicing that it does symbolize the character...It is a juniors jacket.  Does that help?  (Shy grins)  good day all.

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