Small bursts of inspiring energy...

A couple things happened the other day while I was out playing.   First one was I got cold.  As the sun began to set I wished there was a small pack attached to my back with my little red vintage puffer vest.  As the season begins to wane, this is going to happen more and more.  So naturally I went home and began to sew a new rucksack for someone that will have this very same need.  There it is above.  It is the most darling little thing ever.  It is made with coveted striped fabric.  You've see it before.  I do have a bit more but it only gets pulled out when inspiration such as today comes along.

Secondly while it was getting stitched up there was music on.  Some days there's classic movies playing but this time was music.  One lyric struck me.  When it rung out I was like, yes!  that is exactly what I think each and every time I build a bag for you....Thank you Mr. Dave Matthews Band for the energy injection.
"Pack your bags, something small, take what you need"

Speaking of classic movies.  There have been quite a few viewed.  I wish I kept up with telling folks what they were because some I forget and others are just so darn good, bad and funny.  It is worth it to share but I just can't seem to sit and do it.  The list includes silly movies lately like: Picking up the pieces with Woody Allen, Pure Luck with Martin Short, Born Yesterday with Melanie Griffith, Last Resort with Charles Grodin, Water with Michael Caine, and Cold Comfort Farm with Kate Beckinsale.  Plus 3 dozen more.  One to mention is The trip to Bountiful with Geraldine Page.  The movie has inspiring scenes in terms of decor, fashion and old town atmospherics but mostly Geraldine's acting is superior.

I would love to be a movie critic.  Citizen Cathy Film Critic. Hmm, that would be most interesting.  

Enjoy your days....take it slow and lay low...


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