a day in the life

I've created another SoBo.

More imporantly I've created another memorable day with my husband. One that made us feel as though we could walk on water. While we were wondering around we stopped off at a Clam Bar to get a lemonade. There we found some picnic tables. As we waited for our # 8 to be called a nice woman walked by and said "there's a rainbow over there". It was so nice of her to tell us to have a look otherwise we would have missed it. As we snapped a shot of it a train rolled by. Way off in the distance. It was slow quiet and colorful. It lasted for a very long time, it was that slow and long. I did get a photo of it but I have a silly iphone that doesn't pick up photos like a real photographer can. Hope you enjoyed reliving my day with me. It was quite romantic. I didn't want it to stop just keep it going.

Enjoy your day.


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