Dear friends, passerby and customers,

This was last night. It's me trying to model my hair to decide whether or not it should be cut to as short as Joan of arc. You see I grew up with average unkempt hair. Starting at the age of 17 I began to grow it. It grew to past my ass. It was beloved. One day without thinking I placed it in a ponytail and cut. I had a hard time after that. It grew back to mid back. Once again I felt the need to do something to my hair. I'm a girl after all that needs to have fun and experiment. So I went to the hairdresser, an organic one at that, to have it straightened. They used a straighter on me that was meant for ethnic hair, also they started at the root to tip rather tip to it burnt off. It was tragic. But it turned out fabulous because I had to basically shave my head. It grew back to a 1920's - 30's short hair style. I did that for about a year. I had loads of fun with it then began to grow it back to what it is now.

Here I am again feeling the need to do something to it. Thinking should I have the short hair style again or not....

What shall I do...

I will let you know by way of photo fun.

All my love,
Citizen Cathy


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