grassy cabins

This has to be one of my favorite pictures. If i were pick through it I'd wonder why I have socks on but socks are awesome especially for this chilly willy. Cold hands warm heart!

Why I love it: My husband took it of me from the porch in our first San Diego apartment.

It is making me miss but more appreciate; that skinny little bod that has disappeared in the fat laid winter land of Maine, short hair that is so graciously growing like a weed, my favorite handmade hat, that I can't hear a peek when its on but whats more, I love love a solid black outfit.

Self reflection is a good thing... Lately there have been days that are a bit overwhelming. One has coined a phrase called cabin fever. It is most true. Living in a tourist town we are slowing starting to see awnings go up, posted signs promising an open date and more and more boards coming off the windows and doors. Spring is sneaking in with summer tied tightly around its waist in tow.


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