Motion Picture Moment

Anne of Green Gables 1985

My husband watched this as a child. After asking around most people had seen it or read it. Not me I was listening to music, socializing or playing make believe. I am completely opposite now so you can bet your bottom dollar I am after all the books and any sequels there may be.

And I saw the following movies this week as well.
Shoot the Moon 1981

Lots of yelling but the kids clothes are fabulous. Love how Diane Keaton takes a belt off her little girl so she can wear it herself to an award show! genius.

She-Devil 1989

Love and Death on Long Island 1999
If you liked Gods and Monsters, you're sure to like this

and this wonderful movie

Tempest 1983

Speaking of movies.

Did you hear that there is a movie opening tonight, Water for Elephants? Another coincidence, perhaps. I couldn't plan this stuff if I tried. My husband doesn't know it yet but he's taking me to the opening. I haven't been to a premiere in a very long time. Wouldn't it be nice if they handed out movie posters! Betcha a lot more people would go. hint hint nudge nudge Hollywood.


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