Motion Picture Moment

These movies are wonderful for the people who enjoy a little eye candy. Birds of America is a tab bit depressing, although, Ginnifer Goodwin is so darn beautiful you have to view all her work. Flashback and Wilder Napalm are wonderful.

Flashback has a scene where you find yourself in the middle of the woods with authentic hippie decor and a secluded landscape.

Wilder Napalm quickly rose to one of my favorite movies of all time. I love fictitious story lines, circus decor and acclaimed actors. This has all three bundled nicely and delivered at a fast pace to your fiery front door.

It reminded me a bit of the cable show carnivale. I could watch that over and over to draw inspiration from. It could stand to be watched on mute as I'm not so much into the plot as I am the font. It is a visual feast of fabric, paintings and wonderful household utensils.

I've only viewed the above movie because the birds have been swinging and singing like crazy out my studio window. So I suppose cabin fever is waning and I am able to work with silence and sunshine.


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