Motion Picture Moment

cat on a hot tin roof
the love letter
and the switch.

cat on a hot tin roof is worth the watch. It is a little annoying at the start with the children, but Maggie puts the "no neck monsters" in their place.

The hallmark movie the love letter was enchanting and about how we are reborn and attached to our soul mate. With antiques being super trendy right now we can dream of such things. Strange thing happened as I watched it over the last 3 days. The girl in the movie was named Elizabeth and was born on March 23.
Hopefully I'm done with this coincidence because I'm sure coming off as a kookie girl. :)

A while ago I watched a movie called Somewhere in Time. The cover has inspired a business card for citizen cathy/may.tree.ark. Not sure if it will turn out okay? we shall see!


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