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Good Day.
Thought that I would share a small corner of the studio with you before pictures of the newest SoBo are shown. I don't have much in terms of stash, supply or a collection. There are a few fabrics that are kept in a suitcase for my personal use later on. That's pretty much the only materials that are kept. Besides just a few here and there and a box of large scraps for Grasshuggers. Everything else is happenstance. Fabrics are obtained when I'm ready to stitch something new up or when we move to a new place. Same with the picture format. They change when we change. That is one reason you don't see me offering the same thing over and over again. I would sooner jump off a cliff than have to look at the same material, the same seam, the same zipper day in day out. i need to make art. I need to create something from nothing each time. The effort it takes to make a handbag is worth the surprise when it's done and born. But of course this is a loaded statement. I can see both sides of the coin, trust me I can.

So below is of what stash I have. They are kept in an old children's refrigerator toy. It's just not any old toy though. The construction, wood and hinges are top notch. I saw it sitting there next to the stove at a thrift store for $4.99. Sorry to the kind folks that could have used it for it's purpose, truly sorry.

In the freezer section there's tons of room for a wooden box and fabric bucket for receipts. The bottom (pictured) is divided into two shelves where I keep a ball jar of embroidery thread, gorgeous reproduction moda lace, doilies and an old tool box full of vintage straps. I love it. Although it is mostly granny chic in there, which I'm not getting to these days.

This is the latest SoBo. You can find it here for sale. It states it's Rural Rustic which is part true. Truth is I like to call the ones that turn out this way; Bohemian Earth.

I have the description written some place where its sounds good. What I am trying to get across with the name, which still doesn't fit its style, is that of a union. Think of when a rugged man with earth shattering looks and hard worked hands falls for the fairest of ladies who drifts among lavender and lace.

delicate fabrics paired with the ramshackle...

Thank you for stopping by today.
may you and yours be well.


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