Hump Day


So I'm suppose to come on here to blog about happy things that take my mind off of the crap, right? Honestly folks it hasn't been easy to get here. So to the possible 5 people that have stopped by since last Friday "sorry"

Reading a blog could be viewed as a meditation session or dinner with friends. A way to take your mind off whatever it is that ails you. A release of some sort or better yet a balance of the good and bad. If we filled our minds with the constant pressure we'd explode. Looking to the bright side is a must to fuel the balance.

Here are a few things that went on these past days. yes I know my camera is taking blurry pictures. It's 5 years old and has taken over 75,000 pictures. I am looking into a new one.

First was this gorgeous sun ring to tell me that rain was coming. Mother Earth was right, it's raining today.

This is the hipshack that was made this week.

Still to this day I firmly believe the hipshack is a necessary accessory. If ever I have to get up and go I'd prefer something strapped to my body. Some folks may have to get up and go and do so without a moments notice. Their minds should be free not worry whether or not their identification, asthma inhaler or passport are on them. We can't prepare for everything but we can do our best. It's just like having candles in the junk drawer.

That's that side of the Hipshack. It isn't all doom and gloom though, they are fancy little suckers for any occasion.

My husband found an extraordinary pen holder. Its original use was a record. I had no idea a music record was made this way. It is from the turn of the century. I still know nothing about it. Perhaps it's as simple as it appears, for a phonograph.

Is this the way they were made before they were flat? I'll let you read up on it.

Lastly a movie. I came across Educating Rita the other day. Most of my movies are $0.30 so picking them up with no clue as to the value is not an issue for me. When they turn out to be as fantastic as this one it makes me a very happy camper. There's more to tell you about but I'll wait till Friday. Speaking of future posts there will be one each Monday from here on out

Matriarch Monday

It will feature women of the past, present and future. These ladies will be presented within many different categories of worth. Some categories will be

role models,
fashion icons,
and hometown heroes.

Thank you for reading. May you and yours be well.


  1. When my Dad moved into his new house a few years back, I was helping him unpack his living room. In the pile of things was a record player attached to the top of a large wooden box. Inside the box were pull out hinged 'drawers'. Each one had 6 'records' like the one you found. He said that it was his mother's record player and that's how they were before they were flat. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Becky!!! That must have been real interesting to see. Aside from getting to play it, which must sound so great and scratchy, the next best thing is a pen holder ;)


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