Fostering Forest

This is Forest. My husband and I adopted him together 12 years ago. I named him Forest after my unquenchable love of the Redwoods and all things tree. We raised him to be a super little doggie for two people who needed him more than us. Two people that never ever, not in a million years wanted a dog. But they did, they just didn't know it. Their lives changed forever the moment it became a reality. It did, it really did. How could it not with this little tyke. He used to come by for special visits before he moved across the continent. He and I would do many photo shoots together. One for me, one for him.

here are other shots of him here and here

can you tell I miss him but don't feel too bad he's lapping up the sun rays and will be back this way come Springtime. See you then little buddy.


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