Glimpses of Spring Cleaning

I really wanted to include this in yesterday President's Day post. It was my dads. We are in the middle of Spring Cleaning when we came across my dad's pins and ephemera. Before they are placed back in their holding spot I will take some photo to share. It's amazing really. It seems that he would pick something up every time he could. Looks as if he even tore off a Mack truck's shift gear.

It certainly comes in handy for today too though. This weekend I will be interviewing with Fore Front Fashion. I am wicked scared! They have been nominated as one of Portland's best Blogs. You can vote for them here. If you are not from Portland and don't know any of the blogs. Voting for Fore Front Fashion would assist my exposure. So if you are interested in supporting me here would be a good way. (silly shy grin)

This I believe is a Boston Aquarium pin from a very long time ago.

I thought it would be nice to share some of my attic photos while I clean. Things are getting moved around so when Spring does arrive I'll have it all figured out. That means more time outside not in. Below there is a shelf and on top of it is a bit of reference materials. Flipping through a bit of them here and there really helps the mojo. I do not search looking for something to catch my eye. A page is randomly opened. It's a BANG you have an instant source for inspiration. I'm not saying its that easy. For example lets take the National Experience book off the shelf and test this out shall we?

On this page there is a photo of the Salvation Army but it talks about The Spread of Learning and how public schools rose markedly during the year 1870.

Just thumbing through the pages with my eyes I see words like Rockefeller, social and private schools. Normally I would have to think of this for a bit but if I have to spit something out now it would be generally speaking. I could not do this, for the resources don't exist. Have a photo shoot at a school, perhaps the playground. Wear Private school attire (tastefully) man can that outfit get out of control. To back peddle I went to Private School for 6 years. I wore a blue plaid skirt, white button up and a cardigan with the school emblem on the chest. There was nothing sexy about it.

So yah that is what I do sometimes for real inspiration, one not ingested from the internet. Those pages can really bust up an original thought and the process to real art. Don't get me wrong, please. This is why I don't write much or tend to delete what was. I'm just saying that eye candy browsing is fabulous. its like talking to friends or visiting a museum but should not be the sole source of ones creative meal. A sip here and there sure, that's called flowing with the trends.

Back to the the book page. Now that I've thought on it a bit. I think I'll make a school bag and take it's photo next to a wagon wheel. Yup that's just what I'll do. I have taken one before but the wagon wheel was not prominent and there is no bag in my hand. You can see the photo here. See how fun that was. Now you try.

My husband just got me this wonderful vanity mirror. It a music box that has Love Story Yap's 1978 on the back. It is the most darling thing and plays music. Most people think clowns are spooky. I think a music box is rather creepy.

I do not know the spot in which these wall hangings will go. They could return to storage or they may make it to a wall? For now they will sit there to make sure that I even want to look at them this Spring.

This is the side view of my corner library. Remember I am not a reader so my library consists of movies, fashion catalogs and a few spare books that I've been carrying around for eons.

That's it, just a glimpse with some not so planned blabbering in the middle. Thanks for reading.



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