WiP = Work in Progress

Today is an exciting day for me because I designed a new handbag and took what photos I could of it. The photos below are me waiting for the light to shine in order to determine what works best with the bag or shall we call it a rucksack, owwwww. Humbly one never seen before...we love that right?

This winter you haven't seen a lot of pretty shoes because we are buried in 60" of snow up here. So boots and socks have been worn often around here. But of course for giggles I've donned my trademark photos today as a show and tell of what the scene looks like before the bag is set in.

Kind of like this set....

Vintage LL Bean Boots. = The original Maine Hunting Shoe, Freeport Maine

Like I said it is either boots or socks. And I have much love for my feet as they are taking good care of me as I walk through life, no other reason than that simple thought.
So awesome socks must be worn. These are knitted and don't stay up. I need those sock holder uppers worn by men in the early years.

Brand new Children Gap Shoes. $1.25. These are the prices a poor girl like me needs to pay.

Aunties hand me downs

See the stack of movies. I have told you in the past especially in the deleted blogs (2 of them) that I watch a lot of movies. I've been thinking maybe it is time to tell you what is viewed weekly or daily. What do you think? Would you like to know?

Now that you have seen the goodness of behind the scene progress please check back for the bag reveal later. I'd be most happy if you did.

Thanks for visiting where a smile is worn.


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