Announcing that I've opened another Etsy Shop called Soboco

( Sobohemia )

The reason for another shop is that may.tree.ark is a trademarked company with limitations. The only thing that can be made under that name is handbags. I'm not stopping the production of handbags just switching the name in which they are sold. May.tree.ark will still exist but with a prime focus. This focus will help the name be what it is meant for, the refined lady and mother. It will consist of neutral lines and colors that a man will be able to sport as well.

What is behind the name SoBoCo?

It's personal. It's the efforts of an Irish skirt with requested collaborations of a Czechoslovakian bloke, zdenek55, my dear husband.

How this shop was named.

A friend of my husband's family was telling me a story of his youth. It went something like this.

"while I was sitting with 3 of my friends in South Bohemia Czechoslovakia (now, Czech Republic) in the early 50's a Ford Mustang pulled up and out stepped a gorgeous woman." He told me that this type of sight was rare. Heck chewing gum was rare. He was inspired by the Americas. He and his buddies would write to all the U.S. car manufactures for catalogs and the like, specifically Ford. When he became a man he left Bohemia behind to come to America. He worked his entire life at Ford and happily retired.

This accented story was just the boost of fuel I needed to continue on with my America Dream. To create beautiful items with my own hands that people will take into their lives and homes with such artistic grace that they become important pieces and handed down.

It was so very fitting to name it SoBohemia, don't you think? I mean come on the use of The Simple Sophisticated Bohemian (SoBo) has been around before the story. In the back of my mind I knew what Bohemian meant as far as being in the family (and soon my children's blood) but I love the beatnik or hippie lifestyle. It's laid back and I've made it sophisticated.

Please take a moment to visit the new shop
and help empty may.tree.ark of it's current supply so that I may renew its focus.

Here's to the future...cheers


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