pillow fight anyone?

When I sit and stand sew up some goodies for you Hulu is on in the background.

Most of the movies or shows I watch are audio. I don't see them if but for a glance. If perchance it gets viewed again I am always shocked to see what's happening on screen or what they are wearing.

People say to me "didn't you say you saw this"? Yes, but I didn't look at the screen. Now hulu charges money so I am not listening or watching anything anymore. It is pure silence around here. It's rather nice because living 1 mile from the beach, on a large field and surrounded by the Maine woods is a wonderful spot for crazy wind, clouds and breezes to build up. This remind me that you must see the photos of the trek to our waterfall.

The reason Hulu was brought up is because luckily I watched Lipstick Jungle. I liked it. In one of the episodes they show Brook Shield's character's home. In the scene there was this darling patchwork throw pillow. Now I have made them in the past and present just never sold them online or at markets. But somehow this make believe millionaire made it okay and sophisticated.

Lot of words for a simple little pillow, huh. The interior is a real brand new pillow I purchased just for this project. Enjoy! find it here.


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