A year in review 2010

So it's been another 360 + 5 days.
What do I have to show for it this time.

Looks like we are at the end of the year. I am beginning with a few of my favorites. They're in no order because that would be too time consuming. Over 24,000 photos were taken this year. All the archiving will be done Sunday afternoon placed in line with previous years. I must have half a million photos. But not next year. Something new is going to happen. A pen and paper with purchased rolls of kodak for my dads camera which I just acquired. Those photos will be delicately scrapbooked like the old days. I will still digitize my artwork but it will be well disciplined.

This is my darling husband, spray painting! I am so in l o v e

A candid shot of me eating a grilled cheese in our little beach house before my hair went black.

black the color of my...coffee before the milk.... :0)

This is a light photo but there was some summer highlights well before it went black....

Two of my very favorites from this year. (the one above and below) The camera and shoe shot really represents the point of view that may.tree.ark takes on every day.

I received my fathers 8mm reels this year as well. To my delight we found a $6.00 mint condition kodak projector last week. We have about 30 films that will be watched after the holidays. We plan to make a night of it. So far we popped one in to make sure it worked well. Works super. Man do I love the sound of a projector working. Seriously awesome.

The video we watched was one of my father going a buck 10 on the streets of Boston during what appears to be the blizzard of 78'. Every car on the side of the road is under a blanket of snow with a hippie thumbing every 5 feet. It's a gas! He must have mounted the camera on the dash.

I wish you could come over and see it too....


One year to the day that my quilt was completed. It is all the fabrics used in 2008. Not doing it again though. Once was super fun though.

Kitchen pre chalkboard. But see the teeny one... so puny isn't it...shhhh be nice!

We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary the same place we honeymooned. Bar Harbor

Fell more in love. While we explored our new city (and state) Z is very goofy. makes his family smile a lot of the time. Thanks darling.

Everything felt and went Normal. Thank goddess...

made some great bags from a local shop that is supplying me with some great vintage.

Beards were grown. Funky 90's jackets were worn.

The hipshack became a great saddle bag.

The hipshack got long and lean. while i got shorter and wider.

The mini SoBo really kicked it off.

We welcomed our first nephew into the world. Welcome Liam.

dog sat some extremely amazing doggies...who hammed it up for the camera.

Wore the most beloved Free People Dress EVER!!!!!

Put up a bird house and clothesline. Which birds now live in and clothes hang righteously.

And Lastly. Eye makeup.........
I've been teaching myself the art of fresh popped eyes as a gal turning 35 needs the boost!
it's possible the eyebrows will be shaped in 2011 but you may have to tie me down. I like em'

I don't know all that have visited Citizen Cathy this past year but I am sure glad that you did. Please know there is never a time that it feels like I'm taking to myself. It feels like I am telling someone my stories. Whether it is one or 1,000. Someone is always listening. There is someone for everyone and everyone makes a difference.

All my love and best wishes for the new year. May you and yours have the best of times...

toast. clink. cheers.


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